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This is a wiki for The Ascension Deckbuilding Game, also known as Ascension: Chronicles of the Godslayer, a fantasy card game published by Stone Blade Entertainment.

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What Is It?Edit

The Ascension Deckbuilding Game is a fantasy card game in which players assembe an army of soldiers, mystics, templars, inventors, monks, and assassins to fight off a demonic invasion that threatens their home, the world of Vigil.

Each of these heroes is represented by a card in this deckbuilding game. In a deckbuilder, players begin with a small deck of cards which provides various resources. In Ascension, the two main resources are Runes and Power. Runes are used to acquire more powerful cards which are then shuffled into the player's deck, giving her more and more Runes and Power as the game progresses.

Power is used to defeat Monsters, which provides the game's victory points, called Honor. Each card a player acquires also has an honor value which is added to the player's total at the end of the game. Whichever player has the most honor at the end of the game is the winner.

Most heroes a player can acquire or monsters she can defeat are found in the center row, a row of six randomly selected cards. Whenever a card is taken from the center row, it is replaced by another randomly selected from the main draw deck, called the Portal Deck. In this way, and unlike many deckbuilding games, the selection of allies to acquire and monsters to fight is constantly changing.

The CardsEdit

There are three main card types in Ascension:

  • Heroes, the people that make up your army.
  • Constructs, tools that once played stay on the board, providing their effect continuously or periodically.
  • Monsters, the demonic enemy you are trying to defeat.

Later expansions have introduced additional card types, including Events, Soul Gems, and Treasure.

The FactionsEdit

Most Heroes in Ascension belong to one of four Factions, each representing a group of allies from another world that have come to assist in the defense of Vigil. They are:

These factions have all joined the mystics and militia of Vigil to fight the monsters attacking the five worlds from Deofol, land of the dead.

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